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August 24

Istations Re-norming

Istation Renorms the ISIP™ Math

Istation is updating the norming of our ISIP Math assessments to ensure that our math assessments fall in line with the most current national education standards.

Istation continuously strives to provide the highest quality assessments and reporting. It is our professional responsibility to present the most accurate, reliable, and valid assessment of student performance. Customers have asked for a more rigorous assessment, a vertical scale that goes across grades, and reliable domain scores. This renorming meets all three of these objectives.

Students’ ISIP Ability Scores will change. We are constructing a vertical scale for the overall math score that will go across grades. The overall scores will range from 100 to 900. To track progress from the previous school year, educators can compare percentiles, tiers, or levels. The new norms are more rigorous. Istation customers can expect that with the new norms, some students may have a tier or level change. We will provide conversion charts so that customers can see how student scores from the previous norms compare to the new norms. Math domain scores will continue to be for individual grades, and they will also be on a different scale than last year.

National norms for ISIP Math were updated for students in prekindergarten through grade 8 based on a nationally representative sample. These norms show teachers, parents, and students how student scores compare with a nationally representative sample of students in the same grade. Re-norming is done periodically as our customer population increases to ensure that as many demographic variables as possible are represented in the norming sample.

Norming establishes the Instructional Tier Goals used to determine Instructional Tiers and Levels. Consistent with other math assessments, Istation has defined a three-tier normative grouping based on ability scores associated with the 20th and 40th percentiles. Students with an ability score above the 40th percentile for their grade are placed in Tier 1. Students with an ability score at or below the 20th percentile are placed in Tier 3. We have similarly created new goals for the Istation Levels, segmenting students into five quintiles split at the 20th, 40th, 60th, and 80th percentiles.

If you would like to see the rest of the update/article please go to the Istations website and check out the “frequently asked questions”.

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