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August 26

Upcoming Math Workshops


I want to share the Region 4 Math Teacher Workshops being offered through October (no cost to teachers). This format shares some more detailed information.

Intro. To Desmos Workshop Series (K-12)

Desmos is a free math platform that allows teachers to build lessons in interactive ways that can be used in synchronous, asynchronous and face to face environments.

Join other Region 4 math teachers for a series of virtual workshops to learn how to use Desmos in K-12 classrooms. Each workshop will be one hour.

Sign up for any one or all of the workshops HERE.

  • September 29th @ 4pm Introduction to Desmos: 
  • Participants will be introduced to Desmos and learn how to navigate, find and save activities, as well as how to create codes.
  • October 13th @ 4pm Beginner Building Activities with Desmos
  • Participants will learn to build their own Desmos activities and be introduced to the Computational Layer.
  • October 27th @ 4pm Getting the Most from Desmos
  • Participants will explore how to implement Desmos in face to face, synchronous and asynchronous environments.

Making the Most of the Math Learning Center Apps (K-5 and all Title and Special Education)

The  Math Learning Center Apps have been upgraded with a share option and in this virtual workshop we will explore how to create interactive activities in grades K-5 that enhance your students’ mathematical experience.  We will look at how to orchestrate instruction with these apps in synchronous, asynchronous and face to face environments using your curriculum.

This virtual workshop will be one hour and is being offered on two different dates.

Sign up for one of the workshops HERE.

Choose the date that works best for you!

  • September 1st    @4pm
  • September 21st  @ 4pm

Thank you!


Happy teaching!

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