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December 15

Yellow Teaching Protocol

Hi All,

As you know, the school board made the decision for us to be in a modified yellow schedule beginning January 4th.  Students will be in person T-F and distance learning on Mondays.  The expectation is that Kinder students are provided with 2.5 hours worth of learning and 1st-5th are provided with 4 hours worth of learning opportunities on those distance learning days.   We support schools not sending devices over break, but we do encourage their use for distance learning when appropriate for Mondays after that.
For Monday the 4th…we will be very flexible….we would like teachers to have kids do a little something, like write a story about their break, play a math game, or whatever the teachers sees as something manageable but not overwhelming for that first day, following a 2 week break.  Please have teachers communicate to their families that Monday the 4th will just be a little work to get kids thinking about coming back to school and that the future Mondays will be more like regular school work!
I know some coaches have already been brainstorming ideas for distance learning days…go team!
Please refer back to our yellow guidance document and remind teachers that we are focusing on all subjects and standards again, we are social distancing as much as possible, keeping seating charts to help with contact tracing, etc.  Their assessments will need to occur during the T-F days as they will not have that half Monday for testing, that is the biggest difference for elementary in this modified yellow schedule!
There are not to be meetings scheduled by admin on Mondays….you can hold your teaming, RTI, etc. other days of the week.
Let me know if you have questions or if you want to have a group meeting this week to share ideas and/or concerns.
Teresa Jones
Director of Elementary Programs
Twin Falls School District



Happy teaching!

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