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February 23

Bridges Writable PDF

Introducing the Bridges Writable PDFs App
Dear Carrie,
As educators wrestle with how they can assess students in a remote learning environment, we have resources to guide you. The main purpose of Bridges assessments is not to evaluate performance but to provide useful information about what students know and are able to do, so the teacher may determine appropriate steps for instruction. To assist with the collection of information, we are pleased to announce the release of Bridges Writable PDFs App.
The new app gives students access to all the student pages and assessments within Bridges in Mathematics Second Edition in both English and Spanish, including the Comprehensive Growth Assessment, the unit assessments, Home Connections, student books, and Number Corner assessments.
Using the same drawing tools as the MLC Math Apps, students using the Bridges Writable PDFs App will be able to annotate PDF documents directly. The annotated versions can then be saved to Google Drive (and shared through Google Classroom), downloaded and emailed to their teacher, or shared using the Share Code feature within the app. (To provide written feedback on student work, open the student document using a Share Code, add your own annotations, and then generate a new Share Code to share back to the student.) PDFs with annotations can also be printed, uploaded to other learning management systems, or shared in any of the other ways you might share a PDF. Please note that if you use Bridges Writable PDFs App, it’s possible that students will see some assessments before the teacher assigns them.
The Writable PDFs App is currently available only as a web app; versions for iOS and Android will be available soon.
To learn more about the app, register for our Using the Bridges Writable PDFs App webinar (March 3 at 10:00 AM PST).
We also want to remind you of another resource, our Assessment During School Closures blog post (BES login required). There you’ll find such recommendations as:
  • Using rich tasks that allow students to show their thinking.
  • Using interactive digital experiences, such as those highlighted in the Tech-Enhanced Activities, to collect more than just answers.
  • Listening to your students and watching them as they work.
We hope these resources prove useful as you continue to provide exceptional mathematical experiences for your students.
Patrick Vennebush
Chief Learning Officer
Happy teaching!

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