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October 11

What Does Strong Implementation of Bridges Intervention Look Like?

May 20, 2021

Effectively implementing an intervention program is a complex process. We all want to ensure our students receiving intervention support get effective instruction. But pressing time constraints and unfamiliarity with a program’s essential components can discourage the use of observation, potentially our most valuable feedback tool. To observe and evaluate intervention instruction, we need to understand what strong implementation looks like.

To give users of Bridges Intervention a clear picture of successful implementation, we now offer the Bridges Intervention Observation Guide. This guide provides teachers, interventionists, coaches, and principals with information to support the use of Bridges Intervention. Aligned to Response to Intervention models, the guide neatly summarizes logistical information such as placement, time management, and classroom organization, as well as instructional practice look-fors throughout each session component. Within the guide, you will find specific information for using Bridges Intervention within the RtI model, highlighting both the intended structure of daily intervention sessions and alternative methods for delivery to address students’ needs across tiers of intervention.

For more information on Bridges Intervention and tips for implementation, see Jennifer Ranum’s blog post Getting Started with Bridges Intervention, which lists related posts by topic with links.

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