August 3

Tidbits About Me!

A Tidbit About Me:

Greetings, my name is Carrie McCollum and I have taught for twelve years in three different school districts.  This year will be a growth year for all of us as we venture into a new world of educational insight. I’ve taught 1st through 3rd in Colorado, Arizona, and Idaho.  There is not one place I like better because I feel each place has given me such rich experience in life and in teaching. I am originally from Flagstaff, Arizona.  After high school I enlisted in the army and had nine years in and got out as a sergeant.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance which helps in the organizational piece and looking at a classroom as my practice and craft. My true calling came with my Master’s in Elementary Education in 2009 where I could incorporate my business degree with my love for teaching children.  I have two teenagers that I will complain about from time to time but most days they really are wonderful.  My son is a soldier in the U.S. Army and will begin working on getting his pilots license and my daughter recently graduated from high school. This will be my fourth year in Idaho as I followed my family here from Arizona. I spent two wonderful years at Harrison Elementary School teaching first grade.  I feel so thankful and blessed to be your instructional coach this year and part of  this new adventure in education.

Revised Goal: Changed my plan for Master Cert. in Behavioral Analysis.

New Goal:  Getting Master’s Cert. in Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum

Cherish: Making learning engaging, fun, and the importance of building relationships

Pet Peeves: Wasting Time

Happy teaching!

Carrie McCollum