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November 2

Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – My Go-to Tools for Hybrid Instruction

Last week I was asked if I had a list of best tools for hybrid instruction (teaching students simultaneously in-person and online). “Best” is subjective and relative based on each person’s situation. That said, I do have a couple of go-to tools for hybrid instruction in addition to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.


My school has us using Zoom for our meetings with our virtual students. We’re also a G Suite for Education school. During class my screen is projected for my in-person students to see and I screen share for my online students to see. Whenever I need to type or draw on screen I use Jamboard. I use Jamboard instead of the drawing tools in Zoom because I can save each page of the Jamboard and share them with my students in Google Classroom. Here’s a little video overview of how to share a Jamboard in Google Classroom.


If I was in a school that used Office 365, I’d use OneNote in a manner similar to the way that I use Jamboard. I’d draw or type on pages in a OneNote notebook that I share with students. I’d use OneNote for drawing and typing during a virtual meeting instead of the whiteboard tool in Teams or drawing tools in Zoom because of the greater amount of drawing tools and the ease of sharing.

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