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January 25

Adding Voice Comments to Student Google Documents as Feedback

Adding voice comments to your students’ documents can be an efficient way to give them feedback on their work. It’s also nice for students to hear feedback in your voice as opposed to trying to interpret the tone of your written comments.

Adding Voice Comments to Word Docs and PDFs

Kaizena was originally a tool for voice commenting on Google Docs. It can also be used to add voice comments to PDFs and Word documents. The process of adding voice comments to Word docs and PDFs is rather easy once you’ve created a Kaizena account and added students into your account. This short video will show you how to add voice comments to PDFs and Word documents.

Adding Voice Comments to Google Docs and Google Classroom

Until a couple of weeks ago Kaizena was my go-to tool for adding voice comments to Google Docs. Then Greg Kulowiec introduced me to a service called Mote. Mote is a Chrome extension that will let you add voice comments to Google Docs, to Google Classroom, and to Google Slides. The great thing about using Mote to add voice comments to Google Docs is that your students don’t need to have the extension installed nor do they need a Mote account to hear your comments.

This video will show you how to use Mote with Google Docs, this one shows you how to use it with Google Classroom, and this one shows you how to use Mote in Google Slides.

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